SB SuperCeal


SB SuperCeal is a unique blend of lost circulation materials, modified resin along with proprietary agents that can be used in all mud systems for sealing permeable formations.


SB SuperCeal

Key Features:
  • SB SuperCeal is specifically designed for use in oil or synthetic based mud systems due to its minimal effects on rheology, electrical stability (ES) and Low Gravity Solids (LGS).
  • SB SuperCeal is often used to enhance wellbore stability, reduce fluid loss, prevent loss circulation, minimize differential pressures and prevent any wall sticking which may occur when drilling depleted zones.
  • SB SuperCeal is a single sack additive which provides a micron range from 0- 600 microns which was found to be the optimal range for bridging and sealing most permeable formations without the additions of any other materials.

SB SuperCeal Mixing Calculator