PRO Poly Beads


PRO Poly Beads is an environmentally safe lubricant for drilling fluids. These beads blend into any system providing a non-abrasive, insoluble lubricant that reduces torque and drag.




PROPoly Beads

Key Features:
  • PROPoly Beads reduces torque and drag
  • PROPoly Beads helps prevent “gumbo” balling of the bit
  • PROPoly Beads prevents sticking systems
  • PROPoly Beads reduces pipe wear in horizontal drilling
  • PROPoly Beads is easily mixed with conventional rig equipment.
  • PROPoly Beads acts as a seepage control agent
  • PROPoly Beads helps in running logging tools to bottom
  • PROPoly Beads ia economically and easily mixed into any mud
  • PROPoly Beads is environmentally safe

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