PRO Spot


PRO Spot Lubricant Spotting Fluid is an emulsion mud product, designed for freeing stuck pipe. It is easily applied at the rig site in concentrated form or diluted with conventional mixing equipment and performs in both diesel and synthetic base fluids.

PRO Spot Lubricant Spotting Fluid can also be used to prepare a complete oil based drilling fluid as it contains a filtration control additive, a viscosifier, and a very effective emulsifier. Free pipe is stable to continuous temperatures up to 300°F +.


PRO Spot

Key Features:
  • PRO Spot is stable to over 300 degrees F
  • PRO Spot helps to emulsify water into oil based fluids
  • PRO Spot is compatible with common drilling fluid weighting agents
  • PRO Spot is easy to apply liquid concentrate

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