PRO Horizontal Plus


PRO Horizontal Plus is an environmentally safe drilling fluids lubricant containing a combination of different specific gravity beads for both upper and lower points of contact in horizontal drilling, plus a shale stabilizing additive to assist in inhibiting shale formations.  

PRO Horizontal Beads Plus are multi coated with a dry lubricant and wetting agent to further improve performance, minimize static electricity and a proprietary shale stabilization agent, Electricity and a shale stabilization proprietary agent.  

These beads provide an insoluble and non abrasive ball bearing effect lubrication that aids in reducing torque and drag in all fluid systems. 


PRO Horizontal Plus

Key Features:
  • PRO Horizontal Plus will improve sliding ability at both upper and lower points of contact, extend lateral capability. Provides additional shale stabilization to drilling fluids, preventing shale issues while drilling/sliding.
  • PRO Horizontal Plus increases hole stability during long shale exposure while drilling and or casing/liner runs.
  • PRO Horizontal Plus aids in preventing sticking, and reducing pipe wear, and is environmentally safe.

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