PRO Bauxite Beads


PRO Bauxite Beads are low density sintered bauxite drill beads.


PRO Bauxite Beads

Key Features:
  • PRO Bauxite Beads are sintered bauxite beads coated with a dry lubricant and wetting agent and are recommended in applications which typically call for the use of glass or plastic beads.
  • PRO Bauxite Beads are commonly used in place of glass or plastic beads due to an optimum combination of high crush resistance, superior strength and roundness.
  • PRO Bauxite Beads are designed for use in highly deviated wells where the possibility of high torque and drag are likely. When added to any type of drilling mud, the rounded shape of PRO Bauxite Beads promote a ball bearing effect type lubrication, with the “ball bearing” effect, consequently reducing torque and drag.

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