Salt Formations & Rubble Zones


There are several challenges to drilling in salt formations and rubble zones, including bit-balling and pack-off from reactive shale within the salt, wellbore erosion when drilling through the salt formation and/or through shale above or below the salt formation and excessive torque and pack-off caused by salt creep.

As such, drilling in salt formation and rubble zones can result in serious well control issues and excessive mud losses.


PROCOR Chemicals has a wide range of products to help support drilling and maintain well control in salt formations and rubble zones by reducing torque, erosion and pack-off.

All products work in water, oil or synthetic based drilling fluids, with the exception HP PRO FALT which fluroesces in offshore testing of OBM:

PROCOR CHEMICALS, INC. Product Line Salt Formations & Rubble Zones

  • SB Superceal